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Nobody is born an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs take a different and unique path to achieve their goals and success. While there is no perfect guide to Entrepreneur’s journey. Everyone has to struggle, face problems, and find the solution to make the entrepreneur journey a success. The best way to learn the skills through books and experience from the business tycoons who have succeeded in their entrepreneur journey.

Let me brief you on the problems with the question statement.

These are few problems faced by most Entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurship journey. (more…)

What To Do after CLASS10?

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“What after Class10?”, “Which stream suits me best?”, “Which option will help me to achieve my goal?”, “Which
career have growth potential?”, “How to choose the right opportunity?”

Are you stuck with such questions in mind?

It’s ok to be confused! It is not an easy task to decide on a
career option which determines your future. This is the most confused and clueless state every student (like you), faces right after the Board Exam Ends. Nowadays every field has lots of career opportunities and will let you reach the target, but choosing the right career path should be the utmost focus based on your interest. The path is not identical for everyone to walk through. So the right guidance at the right moment is crucial. Hence to steer your path yourself, you have been piloted to here. This article might help you out from being puzzled. (more…)

How to choose next?

In recent times it has become harder to choose the right career path. Getting stuck in an unwished career causes time and capital loss. How to choose the perfect direction of the career? You will get a fair idea about how to choose the right path for a career after reading this article. Let’s begin with the initial path you have started with; the basic fundamental education. Every individual initially walks through the basic fundamental education to keep the foundation strong enough to level up. During the basic education, you would get or could create interest in any of the curriculum or extracurricular activities you are going through. (more…)